"We Should Be in School"
Students all over the world are fighting to help climate change!
Can you help Ben learn some more about what is happening?
Each day there is new information about climate change.
Read the following statements and help Clara and Ben know what is true and false.
There are many things like contribute to climate change.
Help Clara and Ben find out what they can do by clicking 'Helpful' or 'Unhelpful' to the following options...
People often use their fame and status as a way to influence others.
Clara uses her rise to fame as a way to influence people on social media.
Help Clara write her social media by choosing the appropriate #.
Ben tries to get his head around all of the climate change vocabulary. Help him with these next words...
For every new word you see click 'New word'. For every word you've already seen click 'Seen it'.
Klara and Ben had a fall out. Help them become friends again.
Klara and Ben are off to the Friday's for future demonstration.
Help them get ready for the demonstration!